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Spatial View Blog

Nintendo 3DS Fixes for Your Problems


Have you been having some troubles with your Nintendo 3DS? Don’t worry as most of the simple issues that may happen to your 3DS usually have very simple solutions. Most problems don’t even require any intensive hardware repairs. But if you need help, visit summerlin  office of ubreakifix www.ubreakifix.com/locations/summerlin for a better solution.

For this guide, we’re going to list down some of the most common problems that you may encounter with your 3DS, plus the simple solutions you can apply:

Constant Freezing

Usually, this problem is due to an update issue. Your console will freeze pretty often if you don’t update your software when there is an update. That said, you need to constantly update when needed. If your 3DS freezes when you’re trying to turn it off, then another fix you can do is to do a hard reset. You do this by holding the power button for ten seconds.

Always in Sleep Mode

The first fix to this problem is to simply do a hard reset as we mentioned above. If that doesn’t work, then try to charge your 3DS until it is already halfway charged. From there, you can try to do another hard reset. 

Doesn’t Charge Properly

This is usually a problem that stems from charger, adaptor, or outlet issues. That said, you should try different adaptors and different outlets to see if doing that works. If doing that doesn’t work, it could be a problem with the charger. You can troubleshoot this by borrowing another charger from a friend. If your friend’s charger didn’t work, then that’s the time you need to bring your unit in for hardware repairs. 

Circle Pad Isn’t Working

Usually, circle pads don’t run into any problems. But if they do, the issues can easily be solved by refreshing the settings. To do that, simply go to the Settings button and go to Others. After that, click on Circle Pad and follow the instructions presented. If that doesn’t work, then maybe you should consider bringing your unit for repairs. 

Touch Screen Sensitivity Issues

Take note that a 3DS’ touch screen isn’t that sensitive, so if you’re having issues, you should either press harder or use a stylus. You can also try taking out your screen protector and see if doing that helps at the least. If all of those fixes still don’t work, you can alter the touch screen settings. Do this by going to System Settings, then Other Settings. After that, click on Touch Screen and start recalibrating your touch screen.


Majority of the simple issues don’t require any hardware repairs. As you can see from above, we only recommend repairs when you’re already done troubleshooting the problem and nothing works anymore. More often than not though, the fixes that we have mentioned above can do the job. 

So, the next time that your 3DS doesn’t function properly, check this guide to see if it is experiencing any of the problems that we’ve stated, and take a look at the fixes that we’ve listed. If you follow the steps we’ve provided, you should have no problem fixing your console unit. 

Everything You Should Know About Virtual Data Rooms


Companies thoroughly store confidential information to avoid a data breach. It is important to keep all documents in safe storage so that no sensitive information gets released to competitors and neither to the public. Virtual Data Room existed for the purpose of hiding and sharing classified information in a highly guarded location. In the old days, we still had the physical filing system, but ever since we have moved to the digital age, “VDR” was created to improve that process.

Reliance on VDR

Mergers and Acquisitions

Prior to purchasing or merging with a different company, the other party provides private information, so the deciding party can investigate if it is worth it or not. In this aspect, virtual data rooms store the information, but if ever there’s a need to erase things, it can be done.


In a physical storage, control over confidential information is difficult to maintain. Compared to Virtual Data Rooms, it is easier to navigate and trade information between companies.

Strategic Partnerships

Not all companies decide to merge or buy their rival competitor. Sometimes, it is better for them to make an alliance instead. Since data will be shared back and forth, it is necessary to make use of VDR to make it easier.


In a business, it is a must to re-evaluate all of the information stored. Virtual Data Rooms promise security, so this is good since data will not be compromised.

Intellectual Property Management

VDR is the best storage facility for an intellectual property since it offers maximum security. Businesses who prioritize intellectual property must use this because of advanced security measures.

Board Communications

Board members will not always have access to physical documentation since they are not expected to be at the office most of the time. VDR helps share information across to them no matter how far they might be.

Secure Document Sharing

Whenever the company needs to share documents to external and internal parties, VDR helps lessen the security risk because the implemented security measures are highly advanced compared to the traditional ones.

Common Users of Data Rooms

Most organizations have replaced their physical storage and filing facilities with Virtual Data Rooms. Nowadays, it is seen as a necessity to have VDR in a lot of companies considering the advantages it provides in comparison to what we had before. As long as the individual has access to their VDR, then accessing files will be easier since they do not need to visit the actual office anymore to review the data. Choosing the best VDR to provide for the business is a critical decision since the company would need a storage system that can safeguard their confidential information.

A VDR provider that offers better pricing and services without hidden charges is something worth investing in. Once a company sets up its own Virtual Data Room, they can expect company information to travel smoothly across all channels.

3D Printed Speaker - Projects That Rock


3D printing gets all the buzz right now, from building tools to making 3d printed guns, best loudest bluetooth speakers, and now, printed speakers. If you are a collector or somebody that simply wants to get unique-looking speakers, then read on to learn about designs that could potentially inspire you to print your own speakers with interesting features. Alternatively, some of these products can also be purchased online if you still don’t have the means to own a 3d printer.

The Modular Speaker

The design was made by Paul De Jong. What makes it captivating and fascinating is that it has a distinctive acoustic sound that you can’t hear on any other printed speakers. Also, referring to the word “modular,” you can extend its length, and it will enable you to have a great-sounding amplifier by placing two speakers side-by-side.

Egg Speaker

Heine Neilsen made this one of a kind speaker in a very complex way and is known as one of the most unique designs ever made. The initial design hinders the use of a rectangular shaped speaker to produce excellent sound quality than the usual.


It has a unique spherical design that looks like it came out of a Star Wars movie. Others say it resembles the death star. The creator, Rich Olsen, must have been a fan; However, he was just really keen on making a space-inspired product, and 3d printing made it more convenient to do so.


Looking similar to an ear cochlea and a spiral shell, the Spirula is a Nautilus Speaker-inspired creation. If you are not familiar with the Nautilus Speaker, it is from Bowers & Wilkins, the maker of award-winning speakers. Additionally, the cochlear design was chosen to produce a clearer sound, although this creation was not made purely by a 3d printer material; Wood is also placed to achieve that superior sound quality.


It boasts twelve speakers, resulting in a great sounding effect. This is great to have on parties as it is loud enough to be used on a medium-sized room. On the other hand, this is also recommended to be used by Acoustic Science students since it allows them to study the acoustic capabilities of a room.

Super Bass

This is an angular shaped speaker on the outside, with a spiral design on the inside. The super bass’ design was derived from the fundamentals of Physics. The spiral design on the inner parts creates sound waves that are amplifying rather than weakening. The speaker increases low frequency sounds, making genres like jazz sound better

These products have paved the way for other creators to be more imaginative and creative when making their own speaker designs and not just settle on Bluetooth speakers alone. 3d printing can make endless things, and because of that, creating designs is easier than when we’re carving things manually and adjusting the designs by hand. Indeed, it is not complicated to make our own products anymore with the use of 3d printers – just do the design and the printer will do the rest of the work for you.

3D Printing is Changing Photography


Photography is not as it used to be in earlier times. It is no longer just the art of producing pictures. New innovations and trends like photography podcast are coming up and being incorporated into photography. the most notable trends that have been incorporated into photography are photography podcasting and 3d printing. 3D printing is a common technology that many industries are using, especially to create designs and showcase prototypes. The photography industry has also adopted the technology, and the results of the marriage are incredible.

Cameras with 3D Printing Technology

Several cameras have been introduced which is made by using 3D printing technology. One of them is the cardboard PinBox manufactured by Hamm Camera Company. It uses 3D printed film spools. Another 3D enabled camera is Goodman One. It is made by Dora Goodman. Goodman One is an open-source camera with a free software download via the designer’s website. Other 3D printed cameras include the Standard Camera and Cameradactyl.

How has 3d Printing Changed Photography?

3D printing has rekindled and redefined the analogue camera fraternity. It has brought several benefits to photography that include:

  • A cheap alternative to injection moulding.
  • Saving time fast prototyping


Several designers and manufacturers have pioneered the 3D printed cameras.

Drew Nikonowicz

One notable designer is Drew Nikonowicz. He has designed a 4 by 5 view camera which you can create in your home garage. Nikonowicz is an award-winning photographer who mainly works on bigger models. He began designing the Standard Camera while still studying in college.

Nikonowicz printed most of the parts from his own studio. The regular forks that hold the camera are made from quality aluminum while the bellows which allow the lens to move back and forth are made from fabric that he crafts in his studio. All elements of the Standard camera that are black are 3D printed.

He plans to buy 3d printers to increase his output and hope to create an open-source format.

Ethan Moses

Moses is unique from other designers in that he creates cameras with a lot of bright colors. The product is a 4*5 camera known as the Cameradactyl. Moses was motivated to create a cheap alternative to most 4*5 cameras that can cost you about 2000 dollars. His design can be mistaken for a toy, but it is a fully functional camera that takes quality pictures.

Moses uses the cheapest materials he can find so that he can reduce the production cost and ultimately the selling price. He even buys cheap printers that are not of quality standard and then print parts to improve the printers using those below par printers. He is arguably one economist or rather economically smart designer or a Henry Ford of 3d printed camera designs.

These two designers and others have brought back memories of the earlier cameras designed in the 18th century. They have used modern technology to make cameras with the old designs but with the same capabilities of taking quality photographs like the modern designs such as Nikon. 

Why Engineers and Architects Need to Use 3D Building Models


Technological advancements have significantly changed the recommended Items and how engineers work. Back in the days, construction design relies on the use of pen and paper. Designing was heavily focused on 2D models, and this sometimes led to a number of miscalculations which are only uncovered during the construction phase.

With technological advancements, however, such days are over. 3D building models and renders became the norm. This brings us to the question, why do architects and engineers require 3D building models?

3D Modeling is Realistic and Easy

The use of 3D modeling allows the construction industry to make vivid designs that seem more realistic than 2D drawings. This allows clients to have a virtual tour of their project before the construction takes place, and make possible amendments to the design in advance.

For example, if a client decides to add low voltage transformers on his building, he might be able to deduce which side he want to install them to make a more viable low voltage lighting.

3D Models Speed Up Project Completion

3D building models are an essential tool which could save both time and money. They can be shown to contractors to help them save a lot of time during construction. As a result, it can lead to even faster project completion.

They are also a lot faster to construct compared to 2D drawings. Therefore, architects will be able to save time and money and allocate them to other aspects of construction design. And since 3D models leave little to no room for errors, they will be able to provide you with a more accurate picture of your project.

They Offer More Control and Precision

The use of 3D laser scanning allows professionals to collect accurate data on construction sites, and use such data to create virtual models of real spaces. As a result, engineers and architects don’t have to visit a site just to take its measurements and develop a precise model.

This also prevents mistakes which can be quite expensive in the long run, mainly due to the fact that architects and engineers will be able to pinpoint any structural weakness or issues of a site before construction begins.

Corrections and Remodeling are Made Easier

With 3D models, it will be a lot easier to see how any minor or major changes can affect the integrity of the overall design. This would allow architects and engineers to finalize the design without having to spend a lot on post-construction corrections.

Communication is Made Easier

Compared to 2D drawings that demand clear instructions in order to deduce design information, 3D models, on the other hand, need little to almost no instruction at all. This removes any confusion among the ones involved in the project, and it even removes any possibilities of a language barrier.


Needless to say, the benefits of using 3D building models are undeniable, especially for architects, engineers, and building owners. By offering a 3D visualization of a project, clients will have a view of what their project will look like once it’s completed and be more convinced of its viability.

Where to Sell Your 3D Models Online


3D modeling is used to represent something on a realistic point of view. Whether it is for arts, entertainment, or games, 3D models are already an integral factor. If you are fond of creating 3D models for fun or work, then you need to find the best marketplace so you can start earning from them. It is as simple as joining affiliate program of https://CertaHosting.co.uk/ which is one of the best Uk hosting companies.

Of course, it is hard to establish a name and get paid for your 3D models right away. You need a credible website that has a solid reputation, and it has to be hosted by a reliable web hosting service to ensure smooth website management.

On the other hand, if you don’t have a website yet, then here are 5 of the best websites where you can sell your stuff:


Upon landing on the page of TurboSquid, you can see for yourself the vast categories they have for their 3D models. When it comes to traffic, this site is practically the best. It is basically a huge website, so making your work stand out won’t be that easy.

It will take time and effort for sure, but if you are really good, then it is a great platform to showcase your 3D models. If your work gets sold, you get 40% of the royalty while TurboSquid gets the remaining percentage. If you are up to that game, then you should give it a go!


How about having your 3D models come to life? If it sounds like a good idea, then you are in the right place at Shapeways! This platform does not only let you upload 3D models, it also offers services like 3D printing! Getting a tangible copy of your model pretty much sounds like a dream come true. What’s even better is that they offer flexible royalties and fee structure.

Daz 3D

When it comes to website traffic, Daz 3D is also considered a huge marketplace. Unlike other platforms, Daz 3D offers breaks to people who are not good in 3D modeling as well. One thing to keep in mind is that you need to learn Daz Studio and Poser and comply with the specific requirements for you to keep up with. The good thing, however, is that you get 50% to 65 % of the royalties and exclusivity.


Good rates plus good traffic – what more can you ask for? Renderosity has been around for a while. Needless to say, they also have high standards and a large user base. Same with Daz 3D, this website employs Daz Studio and Poser. Also, they give artists 50% royalty fees for non-exclusive sales and up to 70% for exclusive sales.

3D Ocean

If you want less competition and a less crowded website, then give 3D Ocean a go! 3D Ocean is a part of Envato which houses over a million registered members. Since 3D Ocean is just one part of Envato, you can imagine a quarter of that as its active users. Envato products are of high quality and already reputable, so your 3D models are in good hands. The downside is that the rates they offer seem to be low compared to the normal standards.

Can You Make Clothes With A 3D Printer?


Almost anything can be made through 3D printing. You can now make prosthetic arms and legs, craft car parts, and even build homes from HamblyScreenPrints.Com with the use of a 3D printer. Recently, it is being eyed to be the latest trend in the apparel industry. Fashion designers have started 3D printing shoes, dresses, and shirts. Even Iris van Herpen, a famous Dutch designer, showcased her 3D printed dress at the 2018 Paris Fashion Week.

The traditional way of dress-making isn’t going away anytime soon though because of the high cost and complicated process of making 3D-printed clothes. Nevertheless, some designers and experts in printing are still optimistic with the idea that someday garments can just be printed in stores and even in homes through the use of t-shirt printing machines.

The Digital Age

According to Danit Peleg, the Tel Aviv-based designer who made Amy Purdy’s 3D printed dress for the 2016 Paralympic Games, we are in the age where we can just download almost anything – from music to movies to fashion. In her first projects, she used plastic for her dresses, which were quite bothersome for the models because of the hardness of the material. For her next trials, she made use of FilaFlex, a rubbery material that can follow the curvature of the body. She is now 3D printing her outfits including eye wears and shoes.

The Pros

3D-printed garments have lots of potential advantages. Aside from the convenience of printing a piece anywhere and the ability to customize it according to your preference, 3D-printed garments are very much recyclable. Traditional clothing may be recycled by means of collecting clothes for charities. Other than this, others are just thrown away. On the other hand, 3D-printed garments may be put into recycling machines that can turn solid plastics to powder that can be processed again for another use.

Other than its recyclability, 3D-printed garments can be customized with the proper size and amount of material to be used, making it possible to use the minimal amount of material for printing. In this manner, the user can save a lot.

The Cons

While the idea of a 3D printer is quite amazing, there are still lots of challenges to hurdle before it can be a household item.


If a small home 3D printer still costs hundreds of dollars, then a 3D printer capable of printing human-sized apparel might be way beyond an average earning person can pay.

The Length Of The Printing Process

3D printing takes longer time compared to the traditional way of weaving or knitting. One jacket that Peleg made had an average of 100 hours of printing time.

User’s Comfort

Since a 3D-printed garment is made of plastic materials, the fabric is quite more rigid compared to the traditional materials like cotton and wool.


While it may still take decades before 3D printers for clothes reaches the household audience, there are still fashion designers that are not giving up about the idea. Big apparel companies like Nike and New Balance are also supporting the idea and are looking into mass-producing 3D-printed shoes for consumers’ use.

What You Need to Know About 3D Printed Drugs


It is still a discussion on whether 3D printing of prescription drugs is an eye-opener in the technological revolution or a hindrance. What is vivid is the positive impact it will have in the medical field. The health sector has benefited a lot since the 3D printing of drugs. Check this Sub Solution review to know how this new technology has outpaced traditional ways. These medicines will boost the distribution methods and will pave the way for pharmaceutical individualization. This personalization will render the method friendlier to the patients. The following are points you need to understand about 3D printed drugs.

3D Printed Drugs Will Customize to The Patients’ Needs

The main reason for the development of 3D medicine was the need to produce drugs that are tailor-made to people’s specific medical needs. Features like shape, dose, and size of tablets can be regulated. You will find that tablets that dissolve faster while consuming are preferable than the regular ones.

Printing A Drug from Scratch Requires Resilience

To manufacture a drug for printing involves the method of formulation science. Here, fine layers of crushed pills will be the composition of a printed tablet. This tablet will be made on a layer basis as the printer piles various prescriptions on one another. The traditional methods can bring together improvements to the ingredients. However, this new 3D printing method will fabricate tablets fully from scratch.

The technique involves attaching the powder layers through an interface with liquid. The fluid will drop on a particular sheet which, in turn, combines the ingredients. This technique also works to get rid of excess powder. For now, the method is more expensive compared to the conventional ones due to pharmaceutical investments. However, in the long run, the overall cost in drug production will reduce. This system is of interest as it is perceived to control and evaluate drug production.

3D Printed Drugs Will Change Your Perception of Pharmaceutical Safety

In this approach, more control shifts to the patient. The consumer can get tablets that are particularly tailored to their preference. However, issues to do with liabilities and legalizations will arise. For instance, there is a likelihood of significant implications that can surface from a mislabeled pill. It will bring out concerns on how long it can take for an error to be discovered during manufacturing. You would also ask yourself who should be liable in case the pill causes negative implications. Is it the medic, the production regulator or the ingredients? Such questions will come out as solutions are being worked out on passing drug tests.

Technological revolutions such as 3D drug printing are interestingly changing the medical field. With the ability to personalize prescriptions for patients, individuals can have control on what they prefer. The medicines will be friendlier to consumers than the common ones. With this method, drug printing will be more challenging than the conventional approach since the process starts from scratch. Safety awareness in regard to the pharmacy industry will arise. It is anticipatable that overall drug production will have better regulation and management.

3D Printer Buying Guide and How To Buy One On Craigslist


3D printers can help you do a lot of things like building custom phone cases, prototypes, low-quality production runs, musical instruments, figurines and many more. With numerous brands of 3D printers in the market today, it can be tricky to decide which printer to purchase. Here is a guide of factors that you should consider when purchasing your 3D printer.

However, there are some restrictions on craigslist to buy printers and you may not access the site from anywhere in the world. For this reason, you need to know the best vpn for craigslist posting and to unblock it.

Type of 3D Printers

Firstly, you need to consider what kind of 3D printer you need. Basically, there are nine 3D printing technologies, but the most common ones include Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), Stereolithography and Selective Laser Sintering (SLS). FDM and SLS are the two most popular options for home users.


Nowadays, most manufacturers are investing in creating printers with numerous features so as to make them appealing to users. Some of the features to look out for include built-in WiFi controls, heated print bed area, dual color print heads, printer speed, 3D printer camera, cloud connectivity and LCD interface that enables the user to interact with the printer.


This is another major factor that you need to consider when purchasing a 3D printer. The price of a 3D printer mainly depends on the quality of the output. This, therefore, means that printers that cost thousands of dollars tend to give high-quality output than their counterparts. On the other hand, if you are doing simple home projects, you may want to start with cheap 3D printers. The downfall of such printers is that they are usually slower and fragile.


Before making any buying decision, find out if the software is easy to use or configurable and powerful. Unless you are technical and experienced, you should opt for software that is easy to use.

Materials Used to Print

Over the years, the types and ranges of materials used for 3D printing have evolved. The type of material you choose will depend on what you want to print and your end goal. The most common type of materials used for 3D printing includes Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) and Polylactic Acid (PLA). You should also note that not all 3D printers are able to print on all kinds of materials.

How to Buy A 3D Printer On Craigslist

Craigslist is a popular marketplace that contains local postings for individual areas as well as from around the world. The platform is used for seeking jobs, selling and buying electronics, furniture, houses and many more. This guide will help you purchase a 3D printer on Craigslist.

Inquire About The 3D Printer

When you have identified the printer that you want to buy, make sure that you ask detailed questions from the seller concerning the item. For instance, ask the reason for selling the printer and whether they have experienced any issues with it. This is a good way to acquire information about the product and see if the seller is knowledgeable of it.

Contact The Seller

Once you have identified the item, message the seller and agree when and where to pick it up. Ensure that you provide your contact information so that the seller can get in touch with you.

Examine The Product

Basically, used items are likely to have wear and tear. Therefore, plug in the 3D printer and make sure that it works well and is in great condition.

Pay in Cash

Paying in cash is the best way to keep things easy, straightforward and equitable. Most Craigslist sellers do not accept checks as they may be false. Also, if possible, bring the exact amount.

Be Cautious

During the transaction, it is advisable to meet the seller in a public location such as a coffee shop. Preferably, you should meet in a location with security cameras and witnesses. This helps to avoid scam attempts.

With the increase in demand for 3D printers, most online services such as Craigslist make it easy to purchase the products with no experience or talent required. See to it that the printer you choose meets your expectations and ultimate goals. Also, you need to watch out for the red flags when making your purchase in Craigslist to avoid scam.

Tips in Designing an Effective Insurance Presentation


The primary step in selling home insurance is having an effective presentation. This is the reason why it is essential to learn about making your pitch as great as possible and connect with your client immediately. Something like insurance companies which promise to save hundreds with homeownersinsurancecover.net at first.

That said, here are some helpful tips that you should know:

Know Your Clients

It is important that you understand your clients’ goals, needs, preferences, and concerns. This will help you formulate the best presentation and customize the right option for them. Also, building your connection or rapport will help you build a long-lasting relationship with them. Acquiring trust from them on a personal level yields an easier way to understand their goals and finances.

Customize Your Presentation

Every client is different, so you have to create a presentation that is suitable for each of your clients. Creating a personalized presentation means an increase in the trust rating and higher chances of closing deals. You may also want to make use of visual aids to boost their attention span, making it easier to inspire them and make it easier for them to understand your pitch.

Transform Objections to Selling Points

Objections are natural when presenting products or services. Therefore, in order to overcome these objections, you just need to understand them by letting your clients explain their concerns. This will be your guide in providing your client with the best insurance option for him or her.

Help them Achieve their Goals

Instead of merely selling your product, set your mind on providing solutions for your clients. In this case, your clients will feel that you understand their needs. Present to them the attributes of every option that targets their goals.

Don’t Forget About Competitors

When presenting your home insurance options, you may include the offerings of your competitors so that they can have a glimpse of the alternatives that they have. This will make your clients make decisions and let them show that you are there to help them instead of just acting as agents or merchants.

Give Clients a Report They Can Review

Sometimes, clients need some time to weigh their options before making a decision. In order to give them a summary of the recommendations, you could create a customized report for them to review. Make it a point that you have included your contact information so that they can reach out when they have additional questions or have made their decision already.

Followup is the Key

If after the presentation you haven’t closed the deal yet, make sure that you follow up a couple of later days to ask if they have more concerns or questions. Opening and maintaining communication with clients will boost trust and your chances of making a sale.

Presenting home insurance options entails a lot of effort and hard work paired with understanding and strategy. You just have to combine every aspect to create the perfect solution for your client. Address their needs and concerns, and give them the best pitch so that at the end of the day, you can successfully close that deal.

How to Make 3D Presentation for Your Kratom Product


It can’t be denied that a presentation can be an excellent means of delivering information to your audiences. In fact, a really good one can be really useful for your business as it means you will be able to capture the attention of your potential clients, making it easier for you to entice them to buy your products and/or services.

That said, if your business involves selling kratom products, then it only makes sense that you should present them in a way that they can attract potential buyers. One of the ways you can make it happen is by creating a 3D presentation. Here’s how:

Choose the Right Tool

Most people are used to Microsoft PowerPoint when it comes to making presentations. However, as technology advances, presentations that are created using this tool tend to become more ordinary and bland. That said, 3D presentations have become the norm due to their interactive features and other engaging elements. The problem is, it’s not that easy to pull off one without the right tools.

This is why choosing the right tool to help you make a 3D presentation for your kratom products is an integral factor to consider. Apps like Perspector, Focusky, Maxon Cinema 4D, and more are available at your disposal. You just have to pick the one you’re most comfortable with.

Pick the Right Background and Templates

Another factor to consider is the right background and template. Fortunately, there are plenty of them available for you to choose from. 3D templates are actually becoming more widely available nowadays. Simply choose the one which fits with your products and start creating.

The best part is that you can edit the various elements of the template. This provides more customization for your 3D presentation.

Apply 3D Transition Effects

Once you’ve decided on a background and template and have customized them for your presentation, applying 3D transition effects comes next. Depending on the tool you’re using, you can insert a variety of multimedia and effects into your presentation. Doing so will make your presentation more beautiful and engaging to look at.


Lastly, you need to animate your presentation so it will become more presentable to your audience. Various apps such as PowToon make animating presentations a lot quicker and easier. With the right features and elements, you will be able to transform your presentation into a lively and dynamic work of art.

Moreover, various apps come with a rich library that features tons of effects, animation elements, templates, and more.


Starting your own business online and marketing your products is no easy feat; however, it doesn’t have to be hard either – even if you’re selling kratom products. By using the right tools and learning a bit of the required skills, you’ll be able to create a 3D presentation that will attract the attention of your audience while engaging them in a way that they will be prompted to avail of your offers.

By following the steps above, you’ll be able to have your own 3D presentation in no time!

How to Create Your Own 3D Printed Mobile Phone Covers


When we buy something really valuable, whether it be sentimental or monetary, we do whatever it takes to take good care of them and protect them in any way we can. Nowadays, one of our 'valuable' possessions include our phones. There are various ways to take care of them and the most basic and common layers of protection are mobile phone covers and cases. The Blackbora India also providing guarantee on smartphone accidental damage.

Phone covers and cases are available almost everywhere. They come in many shapes, sizes, styles, designs, and colors. Some offer customized phone cases. You can even have your favorite pet's face printed at the back of your case. You can express yourself with these customized phone cases. Still, nothing is better than expressing your uniqueness by making your own mobile phone cover.

One of the many awesome styles you can choose from for your mobile phone cover is the 3D printed design. Wouldn't it be nifty to make your own 3D printed mobile case?

Here are a few basic steps that you can do to start creating your own 3D printed mobile cover:


It's great to make a sketch on paper to illustrate what you truly want. A good concept is something you need for any DIY project. Without it, you can’t possibly get down to your project properly.

Creating your design

If you are a graphic artist or have any background using your computer in creating designs, you can easily take the measurements of your phone and create your designs through some software that you can install on your PC. But what if you're not computer savvy? Well, good news! A lot of websites offer services or applications where you can create your own design. It's like when you want to make collages for your photos online.


You can tailor-fit your phone case in a lot of ways. You can, again, use your favorite photo of your pet or add your initials. But since you have to do your design online, it's also better that you do the customization online too. There are paid websites or software products available for download that you can use to add such details to your designs. But as a beginner, we suggest to look for websites or software apps that offer free tools since you're not an expert yet. 


After creating your own design online, you can save your work and have it 3D printed on 3D printers (FDM technology) available near you. It may require a few hours for a simple design to be printed and more hours with complicated designs. It's better to have it printed with SLS 3D printing technology so that your design pattern would look really nice.

Overall, working on DIY projects would take a lot of patience and time, but the most important thing is you enjoy the process of maximizing your creativity to bring your special and personalized possessions to life.

Documenting Your Travel Experience in the Digital World


They say that traveling is an investment. Although it can be costly at times, you can get to create unforgettable and irreplaceable memories that can last forever. Most, if not all of us, take a lot of photos and videos as a memorabilia of the time we spent in the different countries during our Peak Performance Tours visits.

But what will you do with all those photos and videos? Will you have them printed out and store them in photo albums then keep them in cupboards? Or will you take the time to make a travel journal or diary for keepsakes?

There are several other convenient and cost-effective ways to store those memories, especially now that we are living in a digital world. That said, if you’re a student, here are some easy ideas you can follow to digitally store and document your very own student travel tours:

Online Storage Services for Quick and Easy Documentation

This would be a good idea if you prefer to store your photos and videos through a cloud service such as iCloud Backup, Google Photos, Dropbox, and others. These are very convenient and cheap. You can also easily create backups for the photos on your phone or your laptop.

Google Photos can provide free cloud storage for high-quality photos. However, if you want to store your photos in their actual size, then you can purchase their online storage service for a price. You can even create folders to organize your albums, create collages, and make animations. This is a fun way for you to keep your memories for a really long time, and you can even keep it private or create a link and share it with your friends and family.

Social Media for Maximum Exposure

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and others is another option to document your travel experience, especially when you love to keep your family and friends on the loop as to your whereabouts. This is a convenient way for you to share your trips and, at the same time, store those photos for free without any maximum storage size.

Travel Blogs to Reach Out to Others

Travel blogs have been there for quite some time now. When it comes to travel blogs, you can create your own website and just upload your photos. You can add a twist of creativity and write down your stories from the trip. You don’t need to make it so elaborate if your purpose is merely to keep them for your own documentation purposes. However, if your goal is to reach out to the public and share to others who might need tips on their future travels, then you can use Wordpress or any other platform available online.

Use Apps to Create Travel Diaries and Journals

There are a lot of travel journal or diary apps available. Some are for free while others need to be purchased. It can help bring out your creativity with scrapbooking features such as stickers, texts, or doodles. Only this time around, you get to keep it with the same quality for a very long time, and you can even view it or show it to others anytime, anywhere as long as you have your phone with you.  

These methods of documenting your travel experience are fun, cheap, convenient, and cost-effective. You don’t need to worry about losing them or forgetting where you last placed them. In this digital age that we are living in, you can be assured that the photos and videos from your trip will always have a backup.  

How to Start A 3D Printing Business


A decade ago, 3D printing sounds like something from an action sci-fi or fantasy movie-- like in the Mission Impossible movies when they make a mask with an exact copy of someone’s face. But now it is possible. Time flies in the technology industry. If you haven’t heard of 3D printing yet, then it is basically a printing machine that can craft almost anything. It could be a tool, a ball, a toy, parts of a vehicle, and even body parts and organs. Some reports say that 3D printing could change the way the world does business because of its convenience. If you’re an aspiring Australian businessman and still deciding to buy Ripple in Australia, then you should consider the 3D printing business.

Get started

Familiarize yourself about 3D printing. You can do research all about it online or invest by enrolling in a 3D Animation course, for a more in-depth understanding.

Purchase a high-quality 3D Printer Machine. It will be costly, but as an aspiring businessman, it is a great investment. 

Identify the materials you’ll need for the 3D printer. Choose the right and quality materials to avoid mishaps with your finished products. There are countless of low quality materials out there in the market. Strictly avoid them and invest only in the best.

Focus first on producing a product (or products) that targets a specific segment of the market. Basically, you have to start small; earn the trust of a small portion of the market and let them rave your business until it becomes well known. Then, you can start going all in. For example: if you want to target smartphone users, then you can opt in 3D printing personalized durable phone cases and find a way to offer great value propositions.

Offer your services to B2B consumers. They can pay you a handsome prize, and when they have complete trust in your business, then they’ll start summoning your services more often. You can start by showing them prototypes of your product.

Do your business online. Most businesses nowadays are on the internet, and yours should be too. The internet is a useful platform to introduce your business and reach out to a wider, worldwide market, and customers may pay you in cryptocurrency.

When you’ve become adept on how the 3D Printer works, then you can establish a Repair and Maintenance for these machines as another side of your business, and you can hire experts to do it for you. The 3D printing business is a growing industry; that means a lot of 3D printing machines will take its toll and will need fixing, and that’s a lot of potential customers.

Expand and Innovate

Once you have gained widespread popularity in the 3D printing business, then don’t be afraid to expand from your niche and innovate. Don’t be afraid to invest. As an aspiring businessman, you should not have that kind of fear; don’t shy away from opportunities.  In this business, you can basically do anything and everything for other businesses and industries. Who knows, someday you may become one of the leading businessmen that made a significant breakthrough in this sector.

Fun 3D Online Dating Games that You Should Play


Today, finding love online is quite common. In fact, in every five couples you meet, there is a high likelihood that one or more of them met online. Unlike in the traditional ways where you had to rely on friends and family connections to find love, there are numerous channels to find a match in the modern world. Owing to the technology advancements and internet availability in almost every part of the globe, the world is more connected, bringing everything and everyone closer.

While talking about finding love online through this blog post I found that one of the fun ways to find your partner is through 3D online dating games. As the virtual world evolves, so have people’s interests, and you will find that people are becoming more online affiliated than before. Here is a look at four fun 3D online dating games that you should play.

Second Life

Launched in 2003, Second Life is one of the most sought-after online dating games that you should play. Second Life boasts of hundreds of thousands of active users. It creates a 3D virtual world experience where you can create your profile, connect, and interact with other users around the world. Second Life has impressive graphics and a variety of features to choose from and areas to explore as you indulge in your hunt to find love. What is more is that you can also earn money as you continue your search for your partner.


Founded in 2004, IMVU is a virtual 3D role-playing and online dating site where you can create content and interact with the other users. It has a good number of users, and as you engage in the fun ways of finding love online, you also get a chance to earn money in this game. Upon registration, you get some free credits to get you started.


If you are looking for adult connections, then Utherverse is your go-to 3D online dating game. It is labeled for adult only, meaning that your quest will be best suited for you if you are up for some serious adult gaming. Check out the RedLight Center; it is the most popular place you’d want to explore.


How sharp are your social skills? Well, with Kaneva as your 3D online dating game, you get to socialize with the members of the game, making it an ideal choice not only as a dating game but also as a social platform. Moreover, the fact that you get a free house makes it a go-to choice, keeping in mind that some alternatives could be a little costly. The graphics are excellent, allowing you to enjoy a seamless and fun way of finding love online.

 As you venture in the fun dating games, you are looking to expand your horizons as well as catch some fun without breaking your bank. As such, the choice of your 3D online dating game should be guided by various considerations, including the number of users, graphics, and features. Above all, the game should satisfy your preferences as a gamer looking for love online.

Fashion Design Modeling -- 3D Style


Fashion Trends already evolve nowadays. With the use of the advancement of technology, they were able to enhance and emphasize the beauty of custom t-shirts and contribute a lot in fashion.

Seeing 3D styles for fashion designs modeling will give you a blast. Thinking of how artistic the ideas were and how it is being made and how they used lines and colors for it to become more attractive only prove that fashion is not just about styling.

For techniques on how to associate your subject into something new and if would love to add and incorporate 3D styles for your models, then these tips might be helpful and useful to enhance your styles, models, and design.

Visualize the Outputs

First things first, you'll have to come up with the outcome. What is the end product you would want to see and what part you would like to enhance? This will be your focus for the entire project. You must be skilful on how to use lines, shades, colors, and even the best angles of your subject. Taking pictures from different angles will broaden your idea of how to elevate the beauty of your subject.

Tools and Equipment

The application of technology will be useful in this part. The best software and hardware can contribute a lot to your desired outcome. Tools you will be using will help you execute the ideas in your head.

Pattern Making

There are guides in making three-dimensional surface or object. For some, they use lines and colors to make an illusion that they are showing 3D designs models.

In representation, all 3D models have two categories – solid and boundary. Solid models are the actual objects. This is more realistic but challenging to build. The boundary models usually represent the surface, not the volume. This is much easier to make. By using this information, you will have an idea of where and on how to start your designs.

Graphics Making

Let technology and your ideas work together. For beginners, you may consider Google SketchUp. There are available videos online for tutorials. In graphics making, a powerful editor is your weapon to make your design realistic, and this is the most important part.

Let's now visualize and understand how these things work. In fashion, clothes or t-shirts are being paired with expensive pieces of jewelery. In this industry, jewelery is used to supplement the style, and it elevates the dress to the next level.

But practically speaking, people, especially women, cannot go with this pace because jewelery is expensive. So, instead of jewelery, they enhance the details of the dress to make it simple but still elegant and fashionable.

So here is how you can apply 3D styles in your dress:

Print your desirable design.

  • Choose the part where you want the dress to be enhanced.
  • Make a sketch and import it to any 3D modelling software available on your PC. If you don't have one yet, then get one.
  • Create a pattern out of it and visualize the desired outcome.
  • Print the pattern and start making a solid form of it.
  • Sew it on your dress.

Now that you have finally seen the outcome of your design, you can now add more details to elevate the beauty of your 3D model. Don't hesitate to experiment and it will surely help.

The Future of the Cannabis Industry with the Use of Virtual Reality


The outstanding health benefits of CBD oils turned the cannabis world into a new positive course. However, as it is still a new concept that is gaining acceptance in society, many remain skeptical. Nonetheless, the continued efforts to educate and eliminate the misconceptions surrounding CBD oil use have hit the technological application that aims at reaching out to a broader range. With the use of virtual reality, the cannabis industry is setting the future of cannabis in a much better position. Let us take a quick dive into how technology advancements are playing out in the cannabis industry.

VR/AR Technologies

Although augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have been long associated with exciting entertainment and gaming adventures, the same technology is making quite a stand in our daily activities. Today, there is no shortage of how VR and AR are used to solve our daily troubles. In the cannabis industry, it is one of the most exciting and informative channels that are gradually shaping the future of cannabis grow sites and retail spaces.

AR and VR in the Cannabis Industry

VR is creating an educational base by immersing users in a virtual world where they can experience all the cannabis dynamics. AR, on the other hand, partially immerses the users by the use of their devices stimulating the feel of how things work in the real world. With these two approaches, cannabis concepts can now be better understood by the target audience, giving them a chance to make an informed decision.

Virtual Retail

VR in the cannabis industry could as well stand for virtual retail rather than reality. Basically, what VR is doing in the cannabis industry is striving to market cannabis products in a more information-based approach rather than sales advertising.

Immersing yourself in the world of cannabis, learning how each brand grows and processes cannabis, how you can use the products, how they affect your health, and where you can purchase the products, is more than simple adverts that you catch on TV, social media, or the print media.

Most people who have not used cannabis products such as CBD oil are still hesitant. This is owing to the social stigmatization that weed has had over the years. With that in mind, the easiest way to eliminate such concerns is to educate them; and, what better way is there than letting them have a virtual first-hand experience. Since you may be afraid at first, taking a virtual tour and taste will enlighten your thoughts, thereby offering you the much-needed information to make a sound decision.

3D Experience

The future of cannabis industry with the use of virtual reality is going a notch higher with the introduction of 3D perspective. Instead of reading boring texts, how about using a 3D brochure; better yet, a live stream with a brand ambassador where you can explore all the information you need. Such technology implementation in the cannabis industry is a sure way of placing the products in a much accessible manner.

CBD oil and other cannabis products continue to be a buzzing topic. As technology advancements make their way, the cannabis industry growth is to be expected.

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