CINEMA 4D The Artist's Sourcebook Features Spatial View's SVI Stereo Editor Plugin

August 23, 2011 12:00 am

CINEMA 4D The Artist's Sourcebook, Third Edition by Kent McQuilkin takes you
through the process of stereoscopic content creation using Spatial View's SVI
Stereo Editor plugin. You'll not only learn how to setup SVI and adjust the
stereoscopic effect but how to layout your 3D scenes for the best stereo
output. All of the basics are covered allowing you to quickly learn the SVI
stereo parameters and test them right inside CINEMA 4D. Finally, you'll learn
how to maximize and optimize your 3D render in the SVI Stereo Render Settings.
Anaglyph (Old School), Side by Side (TV + Film) and Auto_Stereoscopic (No
Glasses req'd) render options are all available, giving you the most flexible
stereoscopic range available. Don't get left behind, the 3D hardware market is
here and content is in great demand. Spatial View's SVI Stereo Editor Plugin
and "CINEMA 4D The Artist's Project Sourcebook, Third Edition" will get you
jump started in creating an effective stereoscopic workflow.

Kent McQuilkin is an award-winning animation producer, college instructor, 3D
design trainer and consultant for broadcast studios. Kent has been a user of
CINEMA 4D for over a decade and has used it to produce films, television spots,
product labels, product pre-visualizations as well as theme park and family
attraction visualizations. He authored the C4D11 web update for the second
edition of "CINEMA 4D: The Artist's Project Sourcebook". Much of his work and
information can be found at