3D User Experience Technical Summit

September 22, 2011 10:50 am

Spatial View presentation (Eye Tracking and Associated Technologies for Single User Auto-Stereoscopic Display Systems), Thursday, September 22, 10:50am PST

Is 3D on the tipping point? When will 3D be mainstream? Ihor Petelycky – GM of core technology and applications - will discuss the current limitations of stereoscopic and auto-stereoscopic displays on PC and mobile devices and their impact on user experience. Ihor will delve into the evolution of eye and gaze-tracking technology and its advantages and disadvantages in auto-stereoscopic display applications.

In addition, Ihor will demonstrate an implementation of eye-tracking in Spatial View’s 3DeeScreen solution and talk about the challenges of implementing eye-tracking on 3D enabled mobile devices and auto-stereoscopic displays.

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