Watch amazing 3D content on your iPhone – glasses free – with Spatial View's 3DeeSlide!

The 3DeeSlide is an elegantly-designed accessory with a high-quality lens that turns your iPhone into a glasses-free 3D entertainment centre.

Experience regularly-updated 3D movies, trailers, animation, documentaries, music, events, and more - all in one place - with 3DeeCentral.

  1. From Apple’s App Store, download Spatial View’s free 3DeeCentral onto your iPhone.
  2. Click on the "Add to Cart" icon on the right to order your 3DeeSlide (price varies by model).
  3. Once you receive your 3DeeSlide, start enjoying the latest 3D videos and image collections from wherever you are, without glasses. You can even view your own 3D images or videos using iTunes File Sharing.

Device 3DeeCentral 3DeeSlide
iPhone 4/4S Yes Yes

Check 3DeeSlide Help for additional information.

Available Now

3DeeCentral for select Android devices, laptops, and 3D TVs.

image of 3DeeSlide New Blood Live in London edition 3DeeSlide

Buy for iPhone 4/4S

Price: $29.99 USD

NOTE: iPhone 3G, iPod touch 2nd generation, and all older devices are no longer supported.

Buy New Blood Live in London edition 3DeeSlide
for iPhone 4/4S
(New Blood concert sold separately)

Price: $34.99 USD