SVI Stereo 3D Editor
for Adobe After Effects®

Expedited 3D postproduction for users of Adobe® After Effects®

Professional post-production designers can now create stunning 3D effects on client's existing corporate video, commercial clip, or demonstration with Adobe® After Effects®.

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SVI Stereo 3D Editor for After Effects® CS3 and CS4 provides an effective and easy to use tool to help designers achieve high quality 3D impact, without affecting their workflow.


  • Adobe® After Effects® CS3 or CS4
  • Operating system: Windows® XP, Windows® Vista
  • Free hard-disk capacity: approx. 32 MB
  • Recommended: Adobe® Illustrator® and Adobe® Photoshop® for pre-editing

Current Version:

  • better rendering at reduced resolution
  • more appropriate warnings when interlacer cannot adapt to resolution of the composition
  • After Effects 7.0.1: avoid multiple helper cams in main composition
  • Postproduction: fixed stereo-item detection and assignment to SVIView compositions (correct order of stereo-items from left to right view)
  • Postproduction: fixed issues with Errors & Warnings info log window
  • Fixed 2x2.5 interlacing, views will be cropped to avoid black borders between 2x2.5 tiles (adjust manually either width or height of composition MAIN to fit 2x2.5 format aspect ratio)
  • New interlacing mode *Anaglyph (Green-Magenta)*
  • Updated manual

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Screenshot of SVI Stereo 3D Editor for After Effects® CS3 and CS4
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Price: $279.00 USD