SVI Stereo 3D Editor
for Maxon Cinema 4D®

Makes working in Cinema 4D a "hands-on" experience.

The SVI 3D Plug-in for Maxon Cinema 4D® takes 3D out of the virtual realm and makes working in Cinema 4D a fully tangible experience.

Reap all the benefits of true spatial viewing to create and display your work in any 3D format without ever having to leave the Cinema4D world, Mac or Windows.

Download the fully functional 7 day trial, and explore for free. Use the Free Trial icon on the right.

What's New in the Version 2.3 Update

With the SVI Stereo 3D Editor for Maxon Cinema 4D®, users can prepare three-dimensional content for output to any auto-stereoscopic or stereoscopic display - directly in Maxon® Cinema4D® - without having to process it with external software.

Work directly in stereo in real time on any auto-stereoscopic display. All parameters can be animated and the corresponding reference planes adjusted, giving complete control of the 3D effect. With real time spatial interactivity, problems like too little or exaggerated depth are easily spotted, and easy to avoid, keeping your work easy on the eyes.

Existing Maxon® Cinema4D®- data can be rendered for viewing on auto-stereoscopic displays by using the camera as defined in Maxon® Cinema4D®. The SVI Max Plug-in conveniently integrates stereo viewing of 3D material directly into your Maxon® Cinema4D® workflow. Fast and hassle-free, giving you more time to perfect your creations in the actual 3D environment.

The Editor can be used without additional charge in a render farm:

  • Network Render License is included
  • Installs automatically with each copy of the plugin
  • No activation required
  • Works in a Virtual Network Computing environment

Limitation: Installation or operation of render nodes cannot be executed through Windows Terminal Service.


  • Cinema 4D R10 or higher, to Cinema 4D R12
  • Operating system: Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, MacOS X 10.5, including 64 bit versions
  • Free hard-disk capacity: approx. 16 MB

If you experience problems with this or any Spatial View product, please contact Support / Product Information

Screenshot of SVI Plug-in for Maxon® Cinema4D®
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Price: $299.00 USD